What’s New in Kleptomania

Kleptomania 5.0

Multi-monitor support.

Support for 95 languages including Chinese and Japanese.

Unicode support.

Kleptomania 4.0

New OCR engine.

Recognition of fonts unknown to Windows.

PDF documents processing.

Native recognition of smoothed fonts.

Some bugs fixed.

Kleptomania 2.8

New install system. Better hotkey support.

Kleptomania 2.7

New help system.

Better support for the Windows 7 & 8 ClearType fonts.

Kleptomania 2.6

Save As option in capture processing: many ways of saving, just find yours

New Windows message processing. Invisible to the user.

Support for newest Intel and AMD processors: DEP-related fixes

Auto start options for current user or for all users

Fast capture of text on very dithered or picture-like backgrounds

Capture of text from .jpeg images captured from screen by any graphics grabber. No more requirement to save as .gif or .bmp if you need to convert to text later.

Kleptomania 2.5

Support for capture of scrolling windows.

Windows XP Clear Type font smoothening support.

Kleptomania 2.4

Improved capture of DOS console fonts (Terminal and Lucida Bold)

Kleptomania 2.3

Fragmented text capture:

– Capture entire form, dialog, grid or other fragmented area with single selection.

– Capture whole 3D objects, like buttons, menus and edit fields

Better capture for underlined and accented text

Option to switch some selection mode as default mode; allows to skip of choosing the mode for each selection

Kleptomania 2.2

Possibility to append captured text to clipboard.

Eliminated flick of captured text in Native text selection mode.

Improved recognition speed.

Kleptomania 2.1

New text recognition engine opens major version release. Includes:

– Capture of underlined text, like web/email addresses.

– Support for small serif fonts like Times 8, MS Serif 8.

– Capture mixed fonts, font sizes, styles (bold, underlined), colors on the same line.

Selection UI becomes standard and more intuitive, like in MS Word and other text processors.

– Visual feedback for selection. Captured text is highlighted (inverted) during selection.

– One click selection for the whole window or for the word under the mouse.

– Selection of phrase spanned across lines.

International support for accented characters (umlauts).

Demonstration Pack removed (sorry).

Kleptomania 1.7

Demonstration Pack added

Kleptomania 1.6

Powerful hotkey mode through Ctrl-Shift, Alt-Shift or Alt-Ctrl. Press the hotkey to enter selection; release the hotkey to leave it. No more mouse trips to systray.

Capture of the phrase in one click. Just point to the first letter of the phrase and click; the system defines the end of “phrase” by two consecutive spaces and captures it. No more laborious mouse operations for the simple cases.

Capture of the whole window content in one click. Just click into the window, besides the letter to distinguish from capturing of the phrase, see above. No more laborious mouse operations for the simple cases.

Shows capturing rectangle before the mouse click. Easy feedback simplifies the selection. No more reselctions.

All this delivers the most simple yet very powerful selection capabilities.

Dynamic text processing popup menu shows most used items first. Faster typical use with more options at hands.

Graphics is captured along with text. Kleptomania now is a smart graphics capturer, due to its area selection capabilities.

Kleptomania 1.5

Improved capture of text, printed on dithered backgrounds

Kleptomania 1.3

Capturing module now distinguishes doubtful cases like I and l, l and 1 (I and l, l and 1)

Browser and e-mail editor support for NT have been done

Capturing module enhancements and fixes for some adjacent touching letters and single characters

Kleptomania 1.2

Popup menu appears after text selection, allowing to choose the appropriate text processing mode. As the result, Kleptomania interface becomes more simple and intuitive.

New operations have been added: launch internet browser, start e-mail editor, count lines, words and characters, sum the numbers.

Better user support has been added step by step in transition from 1.0 to 1.2: Web visiting of Kleptomania home page, ordering, FAQ, e-mail for user support. Voting for the Next Most Valuable Feature has been established to listen to your opinion about the future of Kleptomania.

Kleptomania 1.1

System tray interface instead of always-on-top “icon”

Capturing engine enhancements: support for capturing of adjacent touching characters. Now Kleptomania perfectly captures MS Sans Serif, Arial, Verdana, Courier and alike fonts, and captures well enough serif fonts like Times, MS Serif.

Stable on dithered backgrounds and still images.

Faster capturing. Dramatically faster capturing on complex backgrounds.

Windows NT now is officially supported. More than 10-fold performance boost on building font database on Windows NT.

Uninstall accompanies the install now. Kleptomania Uninstall works also for uninstalling previous versions of Kleptomania.

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